2006_03_pandadreams.jpgAfter reading our umpteenth post dreaming about pandas in our own backyard, a reader who was at the National Zoo sent us some exciting news:

Just thought you'd like to know, that when I was there, one of the pandakeepers said the Bronx Zoo had already filled out its paperwork for "borrowing" some pandas from China. So pandas might be closer to NY than you think. Of course the NY Times article on how pandas don't actually make any money for zoos won't help the cause much.

Au contraire - given that NYC is used to paying ridiculous prices for real estate and cocktails, $2 million for pandas should be easy. Please, if the Bronx Zoo can book private birthday parties, they can certainly have private panda parties - we'll eat bamboo shoots, apples, carrots, and yams and play in plastic tubs, then fall asleep immediately. Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, start looking into plane tickets to China!

Check out the Bronx Zoo. And Gothamist on the NY Times article saying pandas are the gas guzzlers of mammals (bamboo biters?).