Photo of Kim Catrall on the Sex and the City set

Seen any cougars prowling your neighborhood lately? As the Sex and the City gals film their sequel around town, the NY Post takes a look at the aging foursome a whopping 11 years after we first all got to know them. The paper, which points out the women range from 43 to 53 years old these days, says, "One is more likely to sport burp cloths than Manolo Blahniks on the weekends."

Meanwhile, the Daily News is rumormongering, saying the sequel includes an "elaborate wedding scene at a Connecticut inn and the guest list includes Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda, plus Carrie's friend Stanford Blatch and his mother and father." Gay marriage is hot right now! Spoiler: Stanford could be marrying Anthony Marentino and Liza Minnelli could be the wedding singer! And there's your first Sex and the City the sequel update, only 9 more months til it hits the big screen.