Gothamist hasn't picked up a Rolling Stone magazine in a long time, we know what we like and we know we aren't likely to find it in this music rag. That's okay though, because Rolling Stone has always pretty much been a snapshot of what the mainstream is listening to right now, and we appreciate that. We read magazines like Resonance for articles on bands we listen to, topics that interest us and foresight into what we may want to check out.

The last time we picked up a Rolling Stone it was to find out if this was Ben Affleck or the Boss on the cover.

Rolling Stone is like the MTV of rock journalism.
Resonance is like your favorite non-televised, all music indie rock station.

In this vain, there is an upcoming play that seems like it may be worth checking out. Details below:

Corporate Rock
Bought, commodified, and sold back to you for your viewing pleasure.

At Rolling Stone Magazine 30-year-old copyeditor Dylan can’t get any of his own esoteric pieces on worthy, but obscure, alternative rock bands published by the magazine’s brass. When pretty boy Nathaniel, the hottest scribe at the ‘zine (who prefers Britney Spears to real music), gets abducted by the French mafia for gambling debts, Dylan spots an opportunity to change the face of the modern music industry -- or at least the direction of the magazine he once worshipped. After concocting an elaborate ruse to implant his own stories into Nathaniel’s columns, Dylan soon finds him self in dire straits as the minions of the corporate overworld, and criminal underworld close in around him.

When: Thursday, July 08, 2004 through Friday, August 06, 2004
Where:Blue Heron Arts Center 123 East 24th Street (Park Av So & Lex)
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