About a month ago, Gothamist noticed a new mural in Williamsburg. Not your typical mural, but "street art" for Hummer's new H3. The mural has since been "defaced" by others in an amusing fashion. Gothamist has spotted another one of these murals somewhere in Manhattan, but we can't recall exactly where. We do remember that the Manhattan version was not yet altered. If it weren't for this AdRants entry, we wouldn't have known Tats Cru, Inc. did original art, since the tag has been spray-panted over as you can see in this picture.

As much as most residents of Williamsburg probably hate this mural, Hummer's just following what Time did, right? Or is it different from that, and more like the crackpot graffiti-as-advertising attempts on The Apprentice?

Photo by Tien Mao on Flickr