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One October day, a boatman in the East River found a cloth bundle near the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It turned out to be the upper part of a man's recently mutilated but still-clothed body, wrapped in an enameled cloth and tied with a weight, in an attempt to sink it. Six days later, a group of boys fishing off a Manhattan wharf found another package: Tied with the same kind of string and in the same kind of cloth, the package contained the torso to the thighs. The next day, further out in Brooklyn, a package containing the thighs was found. In the next week, two more packages emerged on the shores of Brooklyn: One with the lower limbs and booted feet and another with the head.

It turned out the victim was a Civil War soldier, "John Smith", who had been granted a leave in January but overstayed it. A government official emerged who said that he had contacted Smith's wife, who claimed she hadn't seen him for over a year, but Smith's brother said he saw the victim shortly before his death in Fort Green Park. The brother described encouraging a very drunken Smith to re-enlist. However, Smith never made it back to his regiment and was spotted—a night before his body was found—in saloons and other dens of vice near Mercer and Green Streets.

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