Graffiti artist Cope2, whose given name is Fernando Carlo, was arrested earlier this week for tagging a train at the 207th Street NYC Transit yard in the Bronx . According to the Daily News, "Police said Carlo, 41, spray-painted a train Sept. 11, 2009, using black, blue, purple and pink. Cops said he wasn't busted until this week, because they were waiting for him to return from abroad."

Court records say that Cope2 confessed to the cops" "It was a nighttime hit. I don't paint trains in the daytime. I went through the side gate by the gas station. I buffed out my tag, COPE. I just did it and drove away." The News, which adds that Cope2 also tagged a train at the same yard in 2008 (you can also see his other tagged train cars here), reports. "He was charged with two counts of felony criminal mischief and one count of making graffiti, a misdemeanor."

Cope2 further raised the ire of City Councilman (and graffiti critic) Peter Vallone Jr. when he left an expletive-filled message on the Councilman's voicemail. Vallone was opposed to a block party celebrating the release of a graffiti video game ("Get Up") and tried to get it shut down, because it promoted illegal activity. However, a federal judge ruled in the party's favor, pointing out that street performances of "Hamlet" or "Oedipus Rex" would have to be banned, "The denial of the permit on the stated grounds that the demonstration will 'incite' others to actually paint graffiti on subway cars is a flagrant violation of the First Amendment and cannot stand." Cope2 and Vallone later made up and Vallone told the News, "He seemed to be a good guy and he said he had left crime in the past. I'm actually sad to hear about this [arrest]."