Swayzak and Matthew Dear are at the Canal Room tonight with their dance music so forward-thinking that the bridge-and-tunnel crowd would never bother to listen. Yes, blips and beeps keep away the "party time" riff raff, so feel safe to bob your head along to some great music while in the midst of a sea of vingtage, ironic T-shirts and button-covered messenger bags.

PhoenixYou may know the music of Phoenix (pictured) from "Lost in Translation." The French pop band's years old song "Too Young" was a highlight of the soundtrack. They're finally coming to the States for a tour and will be at the Bowery Ballroom tonight and tomorrow. (Also on the bill are Inouk and Benzos.) Word on the street is that the band's Philly show was incredible, so if you're on the fence you should probably pony up the $13. (If you subscribe to Rhapsody or frequent iTunes, check out the Phoenix live album called Phoenix Live...30 Days Ago. It's a great peek at what the live show is like. The CD won't be out for months and will be availabe only online in the meantime.)

Tonight, Nancy Sinatra is playing at Joe's Pub and on Thursday she'll be at Maxwell's. No kidding. Honest. That Nancy Sinatra. She's hip these days, didn't you know?

If we're to believe the official word, the final New York shows of Guided by Voices will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Will the break-up stick? The Eagles got back together, and KISS has had something like 11 or 12 farewell tours. Nothing is forever. Just in case, you may want to pay your respects to one of indie rock's finest. Good luck, these three shows are extremely sold out.

Eagles of Death Metal, the stripped-down garage rock side project of Josh Homme from Queen of the Stone Age, stop by Northsix on Thursday and CBGB on Friday. Also on the bill is Walking Concert, the latest band of Walter Schreifels (of Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand fame). Both are fantastic live bands. Without a doubt, these are going to be fun shows.

Vice Recordings fans will want to be at CBGB on Saturday to witness the rawk 'n' roll bombast of Panthers, Death From Above 1979 and Vietnam.

Finally, Out Hud hits the Mercury Lounge on Saturday. A little less funky than !!!, with whom the band shares members, Out Hud nevertheless merits our respect. Great live shows, and this is their first in quite a while. (Hopefully more will be coming as they have a new album on the way.)


- RTX at the Mercury Lounge tonight
- The Cloud Room at Lit tonight
- Martin Moscrop (A Certain Ratio) spins at APT on Thursday
- Vinicius Cantuaria at Tonic on Thursday
- Richard Buckner at Southpaw on Friday
- Isis/These Arms Are Snakes/Tim Hecker at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday
- Juliana Hatfield at Joe's Pub on Saturday
- Calexico/Cordero at the Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday
- Yo La Tengo at Maxwell's on Tuesday

This Week's Playlist:

- Phoenix: "Everything is Everything" video (Real Player)
- Panthers: "We Are Louder"
- Death From Above 1979: "Blood on Our Hands"
- Vietnam: "Princess"
- Eagles of Death Metal: "I Only Want You" (live)
- Walking Concert: "What's Your New Thing?"
- Inouk: "No Danger"
- Benzos: "Sore Eyes"
- Yo La Tengo: "Don't Have To Be So Sad"
- Guided By Voices: "Big School"
- Calexico: "Cascabel"
- Matthew Dear: "Dog Days" (clip)
- Tim Hecker: "Music For Tundra"
- Out Hud: "Dad, There's A Little Phrase Called Too Much Information" (clip)
- Vinicius Cantuaria: "Agua Rasa" (clip)