Here's the question for the day: Should Gothamist even mention sold out shows? There are a few of them this week. Mentioning sold out shows creates an environment where the "haves" are the winners and the "have nots" are the loser--unless the "have nots" turn in sexual favors with exes who thought ahead and bought two tickets. Is it right to pit the winners against the losers? Is it right to pour salt on the losers' ticketless wounds? Oh, whatever. The world is filled with winners and losers. Why tiptoe around the obvious?

Interpol runs from a bunch of losers who waited too long to buy ticketsLocal heroes Interpol (pictured) have killed most Strokes crushes and are now the hottest band in NYC. So hot, in fact, that both shows at the Hammerstein are sold out. The Secret Machines and On!Air!Library! are opening, but what does that matter to the losers without the tickets?

The other sold out show is the Arcade Fire's gig at the Bowery Ballroom on Thurday (with The Hidden Cameras and Dirty On Purpose). The Arcade Fire used the CMJ festival as a super-springboard to becoming an Internet buzzword and a subject of major media coverage. Is there one single twenty-something in horn-rimmed glasses anywhere on the planet who does not adore this band? To the horn-rimmed winners, enjoy the show. The horn-rimmed losers are green with envy.

More on Thursday. Other Passengers will play their dark, absorbing and frankly very loud music to Sin-E. Also on the bill is Menomena, who have a fantastic album called I Am the Fun Blame Monster (which got a glowing review at Pitchfork). Don't think of this as an Arcade Fire consolation prize. This is gonna be a good show.

This sounds like fun. On Friday the Chelsea Center for the Arts is hosting "Surfeit: An Excercise in Moderate Excess." Over 30 local artists will participate as well as local bands such as The Occasion (who are also playing tonight at the Mercury), The Redcoats Are Coming, Mike Wexler, Happy Ending and The Perfect Strangers. Tickets are $6

Ani DiFranco performs the Beacon Theater on Friday and Saturday. The self-made star is charging a cool $39.50 per ticket. Do you have any idea how many ratty tank tops you can buy when you're charging forty bones per ticket? Yeah, that many.

Jazz fans, or those just curious about the genre who want to fork over between $30 and $150, may be interested in Kickin' Jazz! at Jazz for Lincoln Center. The Wynton Marsalis Septet will perform, and Marsalis and Ken Burns will discuss Burn's new documentary film, "Unforgivable Blackess: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson" that looks at the great early 20th century boxing champ. Shows are Friday and Saturday at 8pm.

Sufjan Stevens' show at Southpaw on Saturdy is sold out. But there's good news for the losers: Robyn Hitchcock is playing the early show, and tickets are still on sale. Enjoy the Sufjan show, winners.

You losers are probably feeling bad that you didn't get a ticket for Sunday's Helmet gig at the Bowery Ballroom, huh?


- Earlimart/Maplewood/The Occasion at the Mercury Lounge, tonight
- Megadeth at the Roseland, tonight
- El Topo at Wash 'N Clean (14th between A and B), tonight
- Superpicther/Ada/Knifehandchop at Ikon on Thursday
- Souad Massi at Carnegie Hall on Thursday
- Hot Snakes/Demolition Doll Rods at the Bowery Ballroom on Friday
- Pete Miser at Southpaw on Friday
- The Alarm at the Knitting Factory on Friday and Saturday (early show)
- J-Live/Vast Aire at the Knitting Factory on Saturday (late show)
- The Delgados/Crooked Fingers/22-20s at the Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday

This Week's Playlist (They're Free, Losers):

- Menomena: "Twenty Cell Revolt" (live)
- Menomena: "E is Stable"
- Dirty on Purpose: "Mind Blindness"
- Maplewood: "Morning Star"
- Other Passengers: "Sick Sick You and Everybody Else"
- The Occasion: "The Deserters"
- El Topo: "Elevator to the Top"