Original photo via kittenclaw's flickr

Back in 2010 we stumbled upon this video of people (some call them "hipsters") falling on a patch of ice at North 12th and Bedford in Williamsburg. We thought it was amusing since no one seemed to be seriously injured by their tumbles, plus it was expertly soundtracked by The Pixies and Beck.

Shortly after we posted it, the person behind the record button, Paul McKenna, took the video down, because of "the negative comments it was receiving on your site." This left us to live in "a world where our children, and children's children, will never get to see hipsters [ed. note—in 2012, they are now pretty much an extinct species] falling on ice." Or so we thought.

The video popped back into our heads earlier this week when this video of people falling on subway stairs was released... and lo and behold, it turns out sometime between 2010 and now, McKenna had handed his video over to Funny or Die. So here it is, the vintage 2010 masterpiece "Hipsters Falling On Ice":