Public pools are proof that The City Loves You, and the only reason we didn't name our wifi network "Robert_Moses_Is_A_Turd_Face666" (though he most certainly is). They are also open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting Thursday.

Speaking of fecal insults: don't believe the hype about NYC's pools being a sadder shade of brown. That CDC study we reported on last month concerned ALL public pools in the country (even Texas, gross!). Aside from a few Snickers Scares at McCarren, even the Post has reported that the Parks Department does a fine job of keeping the water nice and searingly chlorinated. Besides, you breathe skin air anyway and don't complain about it.

Public pools are so important that residents and elected officials representing Boreum Hill and Gowanus are rallying on Saturday to save the Douglas and Degraw pool and cooling center. The pool is slated to be replaced with an underground tank that would keep sewage out of the canal as part of the cleanup of the Gowanus canal, but the EPA and the DEP haven't announced when exactly this is going to happen, and the pool will open as usual tomorrow.

Saturday's rally starts at 10:30 a.m. at Douglass Street between 3rd and Nevins streets with a rain date on June 30th. Check out our tips for enjoying public pools before you go (most important: bring a lock!)