Photographer Garry Gross has died at the age of 73 in his home in Manhattan... and perhaps one of Brooke Shields's greatest embarrassments will be buried with him. Gross took a series of rather disturbing nude photographs (SFW) of Shields when she was just 10-years-old, something her mother got $450 for; later in life Shields tried to get out of the contract saying the photos were "an invasion of her privacy and caused her embarrassment," according to the NY Times. She lost her legal battle, and one of the images even hung in the Guggenheim in 2007.

While it's unclear who will gain ownership over the photographs, the Times does point out that artist Richard Prince appropriated one of the images—meaning he photographed the original and enlarged it for his own exhibition. Either way, while they may not be hung on any well-regarded museum walls again, unfortunately for Shields, there's always the internet (NSFW!).

Gross, who was an fashion established photographer, had opened up a dog training school in recent years. His dog training school partner and friend Victoria Stilwell wrote in her tribute to Gross that after the controversy over the Shields photos, he was "ostracized by the industry and never worked as a photographer again. He decided to pursue a career with the other love of his life, dogs. He went to school and gained his certification as a trainer."