Earlier this year, Protein World enraged London residents with their new ad campaign centering around the phrase, "Are you beach body ready?" Over 70,000 people signed a petition to have the company take down ads and posters on the London tube, which they said were sexist: "The question I would like to pose to whoever gave this advert the go-ahead would be: what is 'Beach Body Ready'? And who would not be?"

The anti-Protein World campaign was deemed a success (the posters were taken down, although they were apparently due to come down anyway at the end of April), and the ads were banned across the U.K. due to concerns about "a range of health and weight loss claims made in the ad," the Advertising Standards Authority told People in a statement.

Nevertheless, Protein World has now brought the campaign to NYC, erecting a giant billboard in Times Square (on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues) on Friday in anticipation of a full advertising charm offensive throughout the subway system this summer.

On Monday, there will be eight-second digital spots on "every New York subway entrance;" the campaign will center on Union Square in particular. "The Times Square billboard will really ram it home," the company's marketing head Richard Staveley told Breitbart London. "Then, from Monday, we've got ads booked on 50 percent of all of the New York subway's rolling stock. It will be an unmissable blanket coverage of [billboard model] Renee [Somerfield] and yellow."

In case you're wondering how Breitbart feels about the campaign, here's what they wrote about the Times Square unveiling:

Below the ad, on the busy streets of Times Square, crowds of outraged Social Justice Warriors dropped their soya bean frappucinos - and beat a path to social media to begin another foam-flecked SJW crusade for “body-shaming justice”.

But some tweeters responded to Renee’s news with glee, and some twisted the knife further in the failed protestors’ guts, proclaiming “who else is ready for some feminist tears?”

Here's what Staveley told Metro:

“When we ran this campaign in the UK we upset a small minority of extreme feminists that gave us a terrific platform to shout our true message, which is simply that anybody and everybody can benefit from good supplementation, whether their goal be to get leaner, fitter, healthier or stronger,” says Richard Staveley, Protein World’s head of marketing. "Being offended has reached epidemic proportions. It’s a 21st century disease and Protein World was the perfect storm of feminism collides with "body shaming” politics. It’s crazy. I hope New York doesn’t share this collective state of temporary insanity.”

Reactions on Twitter have been mixed so far: