2006_10_arts_voxxtrot.jpgOur favorite bouncy souled upbeat Austin rockers, Voxtrot, are back with a new release and a few shows in our fine city. And since we "like you, like you" we have two tickets for you to their Monday November 6th show at The Bowery Ballroom.

If you want them, then email us at GothamistContest (a) gmail dot com, and In ten words or less tell use why you're their biggest fan (get it? the name of their new EP is called "Your Biggest Fan").

When the show is over, head to the afterparty! Because as R. Kelly once said, "after the show its the after party". This one is brought to you by Finger on the Pulse and Essexy and is "The Official Voxtrot After Party". Details:

Monday, November 6th 11:30pm @ Fat Baby (112 Rivington Street)

DJ Never Forget
Terry Diabolik
DJ Double Barrel
DJ Funlap

w/ special guest DJ Ramesh (Voxtrot)

Listen: Mothers Daughters Sisters & Wives.mp3