Since we never were very selfish, we are psyched to share with you some tickets. FREE TICKETS. To a really great show, at a really great venue.

Hot new things Editors will be taking the Warsaw stage with one of our faves, Stellastarr*, on March 28th. We have two tickets to give you, so if you win - you can take that girl you met on Craigslist Missed Connections...you know, the one with the glasses reading the Salinger book. We bet she loves these bands.

We'll be at this show too, so send us an email at GothamistContest@gmail.com and after we check to see if you're hot on MySpace.com we'll let you know if you won. Heh, just kidding, we'll pick the best answer. Oh, "what's the question?" you ask. You are so smart, you're totally going to win this contest. Okay, the question is: How many references to stars are there in the name Stellastarr*?

UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED! The correct answer is THREE.