2005_06_artsfutureheads.jpgGothamist liked the Futureheads WAY before we heard them on the OC, which means we're very excited they'll be playing an intimate acoustic show at Pianos on Monday June 6th prior to their big Webster Hall show.

What's better is that tickets are free, you just have to go to a Swatch store and tell them to give you a pair. Too lazy? Yeah, us too. So we're going to make it easy for you and have a little contest in which you could win a pair of tickets! Oh, and do you like TELLING TIME? Well today could be your lucky day, as you'll also win a Swatch*! Whoa.

So to summarize...if you enjoy the Futureheads and you enjoy timepieces, then email...If you're the 21st emailer, you win. Why 21? We've got no idea.WE HAVE A WINNER ALREADY.

*Note: Upon closer inspection this watch is pretty awesome, it's the Swatch Paparazzi...and it gives you more than the time (if you know what we mean. Um, we don't even know what we mean, but it's pretty cool.)