Nothing says Tuesday night like the launch party for a book with a cover of Kim Jon Il as Terminator, George Bush wearing a freedom-fries hat, and Saddam Hussein as Rambo. Architect Rem Koolhaas's new book, Content, is a follow-up of sorts to the wonderful S, M, L, XL , covering architecture, politics, the economy, and technology, and pubisher Taschen and artist Jeff Koons threw Koolhaas a party at the Women's National Republican Club last night. In a room filled with architects, architect groupies, and bloggers, Koolhaas (in a natty Prada suit) called Content an "experiment in disemmination," having a magazine masquerading as book, printed on a magazine stock, so it could be sold for the low price of "10 Euros." Euros? Speak dollars, man! We Americans hate to think about the world outside of the continental U.S. (yeah, you heard that, Alaska and Hawaii)...and could you calculate the NY state tax too? Anyway, 10 EUROS equals about 12.25 USD, but Content is listed at $14.99 on the Taschen site and it's selling for $19.99 from Amazon. But as the book is considered a non-profit endeavor, and as it is relevant to any Koolhaas or S,M,L,XL fan, the mark-up is worth it.

Content is a collaboration between his architecture firm, OMA, his research firm, AMO, and another firm &&&. More about OMA/AMO..


Koolhaas speaking to the audience, a little politburo style.

Koolhaas won the Pritzker in 2000. His SoHo Prada store works well as a design fetishist's delight, but it's a failure as a shopping experience - you know, the practical side of the experience that makes buying a product easy. But, hey, the client signed off on it. Our favorite Koolhaas design is Maison a Bourdeaux/Bourdeaux house.

tien, Dahl, and Stephanie on the night; Stephanie gets the prize for her title, "kool in the haas."