Connie ChungHaving experienced 26 years of "Jennifer Chung? Are you related to Connie Chung? Ha ha ha!" type banter, I've come to feel close to Connie Chung. She may not be an actual relative, but she was arguably the first Chinese-American role model out there, and a woman at that, with her high visibility as a newsperson. So news that CNN is cancelling her show comes with some disappointment, in both Chung and CNN. Chung has been on the three major networks, as well as CNN, and her tenures there have been mixed. I think she'd be good on a morning show, where she'd be able to impart some intelligence and gravitas for important issues as well as humor for lighter segments.

The Times' Bill Carter implies that the regime change at CNN had a lot to do with her dismissal, in light that her ratings were actually improving lately, and Carina Chocano called Chung's CNN show "a breakout comedy hit" because it was so weird. But for now, she still has a profile on CNN.