Yesterday was the speculation, conspiracy theories, and some perspective from the vlog players in the Rocketboom fight between Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron - Amanda posted an "unboomed" clip, Andrew weighed in on a Yahoo! Group and posted a message on Rocketboom. But last night, Amanda said that Andrew was spreading misinformation and included a letter from Andrew with her comments:

[From Andrew:] Dear Amanda, this is my last attempt to reach out and let you know I really wish you would stay.

[From Amanda:] Andrew, you fired me.

[Andrew:] After everything that has built up over the last several months (and longer apparently) and with everything I have learned about your disinterest in my various levels of critical input, I can understand why you would need to leave and I as I have always said, I will never hold you back.

[Amanda:] I'm sorry you feel that way. I've repeatedly expressed my respect for your many gifts. Especially:

1. You are an exceptional executive producer. Your instincts for what will work or not, and your general vision for the creation of content and distribution for videoblogs is, I believe, unparalleled.

2. You are an exceptional speaker. Whether at conferences, in business meetings or during consulting, you excel at describing the power of Rocketboom and the medium.

3. You are an ingenious curator. Your extraction of outstanding content from all resources is, again, unparalleled.

4. You are a superb navigator of the blogosphere. Additionally, I have always entrusted you with the final decisions of the physical design of Rocketboom.

In fact, it saddens me that you have not had the time and/or willingness to significantly participate creatively in Rocketboom for some months now. We've sent you things during the production process, and what we've received back is criticism after the show has already been produced or after it is too late to make changes. Statements like "I'll continue to check my blackberry but please dont wait on me if it starts to slow you down" and "I will have my phone so I can still chime in but dont feel ever wait on me for any answers if I cant respond in time" really don't cut it.

And it goes on.

Also, Amanda says she hasn't moved to LA because she doesn't have a job - she's actually living with her parents in Connecticut.