0804sideshowschool.jpgAs of yesterday, sideshow school was in session by the seashore. Lasting only one week, Sideshow 101 introduces the student to "Fire Eating, Snake Charming, The Human Blockhead, Sword Swallowing, Magic and More," according to the school's website.

The Daily News checked in with some of the students, who ran away from their own lives to join the circus for the week -- some from as far away as Oklahoma City.

They started by jamming nails up their noses for the "human blockhead" trick.

They went on to sticking coat hangers down their throats for a sword-swallowing act. And then there was the ever popular flame-breathing stunt.

"This is so friggin' cool," said City College student Karina Vest, 22, after successfully sticking a 4-inch nail entirely up her nose. "It's not bad except for the metal taste in your mouth afterwards."

The school opened in 2002 and has introduced a fleet of new freaks into the world since. With tuition at the low price of $600, and professors with names like Donnie Vomit, how can one resist signing up? If you missed out this spring, you may be interested in one of the upcoming summer classes the school is offering; this year they'll be introducing a new burlesque workshop! Teacher Jo "Boobs" Weldon will help students "create a costume, persona, and full burlesque act." Time to sharpen up your pun pencils and think of Coney Island-themed burlesque names: Miss Wonder Bra Wheel, anyone?

Photo via petitepomme's flickr.