Photo via sixeight's flickr

The gorgeous Childs Restaurant that's been sitting in beautiful decay in Coney Island as an abandoned landmark forever (except for its brief stint as a roller rink) might get a new life. NY1 is reporting that the city is in talks about turning it into an entertainment complex, which has been a dream of borough president Marty Markowitz for years (though it would also make a nice Apple Store). Sources told NY1 that Markowitz has now raised around $50 million to make that dream a reality.

Coney Island historian Charles Denson told them, "I think it would be incredible if the Childs building was re-opened as an entertainment venue. It's one of the gems of Coney Island. The arches in front have the most beautiful terracotta. It's all nautical themed."

He did not comment, however, on the possibility of a Hooters moving into the neighborhood. Apparently they want to establish themselves in the community as well, but thankfully not in the landmarked Childs Restaurant building.