Even if Coney Island is slowly disappearing in front of our eyes (or at least morphing from what it used to be), some evicted amusement rides have gotten a new lease on life... in Honduras!

Filmmaker Amy Nicholson found the Zipper and the Spider in the beachside town of Tela, reports the Daily News. The rides were both tossed from Coney three years ago, but the 46-year-old has been busy documenting them in their new home. Her documentary (out this fall) is called Last Day of the Zipper, and uses the rides as a centerpiece in telling the Coney Island redevelopment story.

So how are they doing down there? New owner Jose Montoya says, "It's very important for us. Everybody knows Coney Island. Since you're a child, you see Coney Island in movies and even [video] games." Nicholson agreed, telling the paper, "They're very proud that they have these two because they're from Coney Island. They're very aware that they have a little piece of Coney Island's soul" (and Joe Sitt has the rest).