Top: ride at Coney via ATZ, Bottom: ride at Neverland

You can ride on a piece of Michael Jackson history right on Coney Island! That sounds weird, but it's true. The Dragon Wagon Kiddie Coaster is the very same one that used to reside in Michael Jackson’s private amusement park at Neverland Ranch. Reportedly Earl “Butch” Butler, CEO of California-based Butler Amusements purchased the ride last year. Butler is old pals with recent Coney addition John Strong "whose sideshow has been operating in Sitt’s would-be Dreamland since April. Strong kept calling him and said they were having trouble getting rides. Butler agreed to fly out and see the situation. His impression: 'Coney Island needs upgrading.'" And that's how a piece of Neverland ended up in Brooklyn. [via Amusing the Zillion]