bj_pj.jpgAs part of an ongoing effort to revitalize Coney Island and its waterfront, the Coney Island Development Corporation and the Van Alen Institute have organized a design competition for a Parachute Pavilion. Architects and designers worldwide are invited to submit their visions for the site of the landmarked Parachute Jump. The icon stands on the site of the former Steeplechase Park, where at one time visitors would enjoy the amusements at the Pavilion of Fun, a gigantic Art Nouveau pavilion of glass and steel.

The winning design team will be awarded a $20,000 prize (with cash prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place entries), as well as the inaugural New York Prize. This open competition will be juried by a cast of public officials and designers including Astroland Park co-owner Carol Hill Albert, MoMA architecture and design curator Paola Antonelli, as well as architects Michael Manfredi, David Rockwell, Jennifer Siegal and Marc Tsurumaki. Registration for the competition ends in February 2005 and submissions are due mid-April. Designs will be exhibited to the public in May and the winning entry will be announced. Rules for the design competition can be found here.

Image of the Parachute Jump above from bluejake.

[news story via Archinect]