prospectcondoms.JPGNew blog on the block, Snark in the Park, will be documenting the beauty of Prospect Park each day after a stroll through the outdoor wonderland. The Windsor Terrace resident has made a vow to visit each morning, detailing the sights and sounds, but the first sighting wasn't that of a rare bird or flower--it was the fornication tree. "It's a symbiotic relationship - The Condom Groves only flourish where fertilized by the species that inhabit these glades of pleasure - the Flatbushicus Boot Bumper and the Park Slopian Backwoods Pecker. Occasionally, one might catch a glimpse of the rare Hassidicus Black-Hooded Peeper, but this species is very shy and flees easily." Wonder if the sighting was in "condom alley"? Glad to see those NYC condoms are getting distributed though. [via Gowanus Lounge]