After a Williamsburg local dashed off a colorful open letter to the Open Space Alliance regarding the "lawless drug nightmare" that "erupted on [the] street after Saturday night's Widespread Panic" concert, we talked to two attendees for their side of the story. And lo and behold, it's a little bit different and a lot lighter on the zombie imagery.

One attendee who admittedly doesn't really like the band, but was there sober and with her husband, told us: "Drug nightmare? I didn’t see any of that at the concert (only the green stuff—and I wouldn’t call it a nightmare). On the contrary, I’ve never been to such a large gathering [with so much alcohol] without there being fights or mayhem. The crowd wasn’t too big, and everybody was just grooving and having a good time. I love those damn WP hippies."

Another long time Panic fan agreed, saying, "Actually it seemed like a very tame crowd. I was in the middle of it all night and never saw anything crazy. Obviously there were some joints being passed around and some drinking (beer ran out at 9pm!!!) but the crowd was very civil, nice; a typical Panic crowd. That is what I saw in the crowd, not sure what happened in the streets."

Obviously the real problem here seems to be the lack of beer! At the very least we can all agree upon that. Anyway, disregarding your personal taste for the band, do you think the OSA should be able to hold a few concerts on the now pretty well populated Williamsburg Waterfront?