The Late Night Drama that started nearly a year ago has come as full circle as it's going to, with Conan O'Brien back on television as a host. He returned with self-mockery, and high ratings last night—drawing more viewers than both Jay Leno and David Letterman.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 4.2 million tuned in to Conan's new TBS show, while 3.5 million sticking with Leno, and 3.4 with Letterman; he also triumphed over Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. As the site points out, however, O'Brien's stint on the Tonight Show started high as well, but dropped more than 50% from his premiere within a week.

If you weren't one of the 4.2 million to tune in last night, catch up online—Stereogum has a rundown of the music highlights (featuring Jack White), TBS has the full episode, and there's a bunch of extra stuff over at Team Coco. Can the drama that played out earlier this year, and made Conan a Late Night Hero, keep his show going strong?