Conan O'Brien will be filming his late-night talk show from the Beacon Theatre this week, and he bought a new chapeau! He just Tweeted, "Bought this hat because i thought it would make me look cool in New York. So far, six men have asked me out." So it was TOTALLY worth the money! Also awesome about his shows: O'Brien will be officiating a same-sex marriage for one of his staffers!

The NYC shows are to celebrate his one-year anniversary on TBS. It's also a homecoming of sorts for him: O'Brien left NYC for greener, Tonight Show pastures back in 2009, only for NBC to changes its mind and push Jay Leno back into the 11:30 p.m. timeslot, resulting in tons of drama, a comedy tour and a new home at TBS for the flame-haired talk show host.

At the Time Warner Center, the second floor features the Conan Museum (COCO MOCA) with artworks inspired by O'Brien, plus the Conan Loveseat "interactive robotic couch sculpture that talks to fans, hugs them and takes a picture for them."