A Solid Reason to Stay Up All Night

Watch out, Canucks (and Canadiens and Mapleleafs): Conan is coming to Toronto. Conceived by SNL producer and Canadian citizen, Lorne Michaels, Late Night will be filmed in Toronto February 10 to 13. Conan told reporters, "I want to announce now that if this week goes well in Toronto we are moving the show permanently to Winnipeg." When asked about what guests would appear, he said it would be "premature and foolish" to speculate, but guessed Ben Affleck, J.Lo., J.D. Salinger and Saddam Hussein. Hey, what about Thomas Pynchon? Anyway, we can't wait for "eh" jokes and Canadian pronunciations of "out," "house," and "mouse." And the Degrassi High mentions.

Conan O'Brien was also interested in filming the show in Toronto, because it's the home of Canadian comedy, especially SCTV. Gothamist wants to know, when is SCTV coming to DVD? If Toronto wants to help its tourism, they should sell SCTV DVDs only in Toronto – tons of people would make the trip.