Remember all those kids from your rival college whom you made fun of by saying some day they'd bag your groceries? Well, they may be closer to fame and riches than you will ever be. The new movie Ready, Set, Bag follows eight state champions as they train for the National Grocers Association's Best Bagger competition in Las Vegas. But as D'Agostino champion bagger Acola Pointer knows, bagging is an art.

After winning $600 in D'Agostino gift certificates at their annual bagging competition, Pointer came in 4th place in the 2010 competition. She won the D'Agostino competition by bagging 35 pounds of groceries into two reusable bags in under a minute, evenly distributing the groceries and making sure nothing broke. So, what career advice does she have for an aspiring bagger? She told the Daily News, "Leave stuff on top. Soft stuff in the middle, eggs always on top. And then you go from there."

The grand prize winner of the Vegas competition goes home with $10,000, which could go a long way if they're one of the unlucky few who aren't paid for their bagging expertise.