2006_03_26_hongkongskyline.jpg This should be a surprise to nobody who has ever read Gothamist before, but so you know, we've got a thing about skylines. Namely, we really, really, really like 'em. So again, it really shouldn't surprise anyone that we found ourselves digging Luigi Di Serio's list of the Top 15 skylines in the world (he also includes three semi-honorable mentions).

New York comes in fourth in Serio's opinion and we at least understand his logic. The Hong Kong and Chicago skylines (what ever you think about Chicago itself) really are spectacular. The Shanghai skyline on the other hand doesn't do too much for us, but we know what he's talking about when he ranks it third. Even though the list is surprisingly China-heavy and not so surprisingly Europe-light it's a fun read. So go and check it out and then tell us what you think of the rankings. How would you rank the world's skylines?

Hong Kong Skyline from diserio.com.