The remake of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 was this weekend's big release, but some subway riders feel like it's too much of a leap, even for the big screen. The Daily News spoke to some 6 train riders: One said, "Good luck hijacking this train during rush hour. I don't know how all these gunmen are going to squeeze into the car. They would have to empty some people out first," while another explained, "That token clerk at the [Pelham Park station] booth is mean and angry. He won't even give you change for the machine. That man could take out all four bad guys with his glare. Seriously!" And don't even get the folks on SubChat started—here's one opinion: "I never knew that the Pelham Bay terminated at Coney Island!! It also went past Shea Stadium on the way to CI. I never knew that subway cars can travel at 60+ mph. The most I have seen is about 42 MPH going downhill under Queens Blvd...Instead of halting all traffic under Lex. for a 'police action,' express trains passed and some of them were R32 cars. There were many more and I am sure I will see even more inconsistencies after I watch it for the second and third times."