This weekend, The Dark Knight Rises continued its filmic assault on NYC by taking over the upper span of the 59th Street Bridge. Not everyone was thrilled to have Batman and Bane battling in their backyard though—the filming caused massive traffic jams today. “Right now I don’t want to watch that movie,” one driver complained to CBS. “It’s getting outrageous here in New York. All their filming, all this ridiculous filming and we aren’t getting anything for it,” another driver said.

According to NBC, some people who didn't get the memo about the filming were as annoyed as they were worried there was a jumper at the bridge: "People honestly believe it was a real person in a Batman costume suspended on the bridge, and we had to try to assure the public -- no, it was the movie shoot," said a woman who answered phones at the 108th Precinct. "And it had been advertised on the radio, on the news."

Below, you can check out a couple videos of the Dark Knight crew filming on the bridge: