When we read that CBS is working on a pilot about men who commute into the city and their wives, Gothamist had to laugh. The script, called "Commuters," is "about the lives of three couples in the New York suburbs whose husbands commute to the city every day." It's described as being a "black dramedy," so clearly CBS is hoping for some Desperate Housewives mojo (it was probably pitched as "A better The Mind of the Married Man meets Desperate Housewives!"), but we hate how it seems like how only men work. Gothamist wants to say we've seen what happens when men commute to the city and it's called Unfaithful! It's also called Falling in Love. But the best Hollywood take on NYC commuting was the opening sequence of Married to the Mob.

Also, from the producer of Caroline in the City, a TV pilot about infertility. Gothamist couldn't make it up if we tried.