subwayad0807.jpgThe MTA is taking another look at corporate sponsors for their stations, because the fare hikes just aren't mending their financial crisis. amNewYork reports that they are looking (again) to significantly raise their current annual ad revenue, which is around $100 million. What would a station ad sponsorship entail? MTA board member Norman Seabrook describes one possible scene: "Imagine Disney coming in and painting the entire station and painting a yellow brick road...It may sound funny to some people but if I want to get $20,000 or $30,000 a month to keep this station properly maintained, then I think it's appropriate." He also added that this solution is obviously preferred to more job losses and fare hikes, and that they wouldn't go as far as renaming the stations. No other specifics have been released yet, though the MTA mentioned having a dozen or so interested parties.