In case you haven't heard, both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will no longer be available to view on Hulu. Comedy Central pulled the plug and those shows will go black on the site as of March 9th.

This means the many websites using embeddable video from Hulu to post clips from the shows may be coming up empty handed in the future—and if bloggers use unauthorized clips, a PR rep for the network says they intend to sue, because the website would be "making money on our copyrighted content... that is a problem."

The Hollywood Reporter notes that both shows rely upon "fair use" while grabbing content from other networks, however. So if Comedy Central does sue a blogger, "this will trigger cries of hypocrisy from those who don't understand how copyright law allows Jon Stewart to show another network's clip but prevents bloggers from doing the same."

Meanwhile, BoingBoing points out another "epic fail" in the network's plan, asking what would happen if blogs started sued Viacom "every time a Comedy Central writer lifts an idea, a blog post, a funny turn of phrase, or a story—and fails to credit, namecheck or pay us." What would Jon Stewart say about all of this?