2006_03_arts_mirman.jpgListen up aspiring comedians...Eugene Mirman has a few tips for you. On his blog at the Village Voice Mirman lists things that every comedian does, or should do, in order to have a successful stand-up act. Unlike Nick Sylvester, we're sure Mirman put some actual research in prior to writing this piece (oh, zing! Yeah, we should read these tips.)

In short, you have to decide which kind of comedian you are, make sure your likability is up there, be willing to break taboos, get a wardrobe and of course figure out your motive (do you want to make people laugh through critisism of socity/celebrity...?)

Mirman describes his comedy as the "Hmmm?-HAHA-Flip-a-Roo-Zings" type, and since he's one of our favorite comedians...we say figure out what the hell that means and do that. And whatever type of comedian Carrot Top is, don't do that.