2007_07_arts_okstereogum.jpgStereogum has raised the bar with their latest endeavor, a tribute to Radiohead's OK Computer on the album's 10th anniversary. Musicians from all over have contributed, some of the New York bands you may recognize: Vampire Weekend, My Brightest Diamond, Doveman and...who's this Samson Dalonoga?

We think this guy sounds suspiciously like a character David Cross has been known to take on. We're certain we've heard this voice on a stage downtown at some point. What do you think? (Listen to the tracks here.) Either way, we're happy they didn't ask comedian/singer/songwriter John Mayer to contribute.

Hopefully we'll get the real Radiohead in town again soon - the band was in New York last June for some smaller shows. Since then they've been working on (and blogging about working on) a new album, but for now - other bands covering their music will have to tide over the masses.