Warriors fans, grab your bats, face paint, and gang outfits because the Netflix Rolling Roadshow is hitting New York and showing the awesome 70's movie, The Warriors. They will be showing the movie at Asser Levy Park in Coney Island on Tuesday, August 2nd at 8:30. The coolest part of the day, however, will be before the movie when they have the "Warriors Subway Scavenger Hunt". The grand prize for the scavenger hunt is soooo awesome - nine leather "Warriors" vests (and brunch with the cast, which is nice as well). But what if you like the Baseball Furies or the pimptastic Boppers? And what about The Orphans - can't they just give their outfits out as prizes to everyone that attends the screening? We just wonder what some of the tasks of the scavenger hunt will be: knock a police officer with a billy club, make out with a woman in the subway tunnels as the train whizes by, or maybe spraypainting your gang's mark on the subway?

As we looked at the other movies and their promotions and none of them are as awesome as the one in New York. At the Jaws screening, you don't get to have your leg chewed off by a great white or even go swimming with sharks. Before watching The Shining, you just have a horror story contest - can't they let you write REDRUM everywhere? Perhaps spending the night at Alcatraz after Escape from Alcatraz is good, but Warriors vests people!

What Gothamist is really curious to see is whether people will be showing up in all those awesome costumes that were at the Warriors Halloween party.