Tree > no tree. (via EV Grieve)

So the Guggenheim is full steam ahead on their abandoned lot project on First Street, which will house a temporary "lab" in which the community can discuss important things—for example, the theme is going to partially focus on "the urgent need for environmental and social responsibility." After its run in New York City (August 3rd to October 16th), the 2,500-square-foot structure is going to be flown to Asia and Germany (hitting nine cities total)—something tells us Thom Yorke would disapprove. Because when a project is focused around the environment and sustainability, shouldn't one be thinking about carbon footprints?

And now the museum has bloodsap on their hands—according to EV Grieve, they've gone and chopped down a perfectly healthy tree in the lot, to make way for the temporary structure. We've contacted the Guggenheim for comment, and will update when we hear back.