2007_01_arts_mattart.jpgCan't get in to any of the Cold War Kids shows (their bi-coastal residency is in full swing)? Well, you can still check out one fo the Kids tonight, at his art show, "I’m celebrating my love for you with a pint of beer and new tattoo: New work by Matt Maust".

Matt Maust is the bassist for the Cold War Kids, and this is work that has come to be over the last year and a half on the road. According to the press release (click here for full size flyer):

"Everything was applied to their surfaces and mangled during a 4 day trip to the mountains in a small, secluded cabin after the band’s return from the Norwegian OYA festival in mid-August 2006. The artwork became the material used in both US & Europe releases of robbers & cowards and all of its supplement recordings (singles, ep’s, posters, etc). The pieces stand on display as pre-scanned collaged images with a special stamped matte frame by the artist.

The artwork for robbers & cowards touches on some of the characters and subjects that appear in the album's lyrical content. Much of the artwork, which is executed and documented on tour through photography and meticulous type setting, is then outputted, and pasted on boards with the images layered on top of one another, creating a sense of deconstruction from their original state. A sense of wear and tear is created and Cold War Kids community is documented and sealed for that point in their journey, as it appears in their first record."

Makes us love this band even more. And as Underrated points out, haters and back lashers can watch this video of the band on Letterman:

Tonight // 6 to 10pm // Headquarters Studio [385 Broadway, 2nd floor @ Walker]