2007_07_arts_floors.jpgStephen Colbert (busy taking over the world) adds one more notch on the "celebrities are clumsy, too" bedpost. Before filming a recent episode the faux-news anchor broke his left wrist while running around the studio of The Colbert Report to pump up the audience before taping. He really does hate the left!

This past week, he removed a giant foam hand to reveal the cast, saying "I didn't want to draw attention to it. I didn't want to play on your sympathy...owww!!" We wonder if "floors" will replace "bears" on his Threat Down list. And Colbert also footage of him wiping out, with Beyonce Knowles' "Ring the Alarm" playing - a nod to the singer's own fall last week.

And yesterday, Colbert got presidential press secretary Tony Snow to sign his cast as they filmed a mock press conference. The cast will be auctioned off to raise money for military families.