How is this still happening? Norah Jones's windowgate story has somehow made it into the new year, and the Brooklyn Paper is reporting that the songstress may have compromised (so unlike an adult contemporary musician). Her renovation plans to her newly purchased Brooklyn home now includes seven windows — that's three less than she originally wanted.

Have the crazy Cobble Hill preservationists won a small battle? The president of the organization says, “I’m still concerned that this sets a precedent. But I’m always in favor of a compromise, if that’s what happened here.”

We're guessing what's happened here is that you made Norah Jones sad and took away her sunlight and now she's going to channel this experience locked away in the darkness of her home writing as many three-minute money-making pop songs as she can, until she can buy all of Cobble Hill, rename it Window Hill, and put up as many windows as she wants. Either that, or channel it into her punk band.