If anyone knows paint color, it's the Guggenheim. The museum spent forever trying to decide on their new shade when they gave the joint a makeover back a few years back. And prior to that, it came out that Wright originally wanted the museum to be crimson red! So naturally, they're getting into the paint game to make some extra cash.

According to Artsbeat, "the museum has entered into a licensing agreement with Fine Paints of Europe... to create a set of 200 interior and exterior wall colors drawn from well-known paintings in the Guggenheim’s collection and from wall colors that curators, artists and designers (including Frank Lloyd Wright himself) have used for exhibitions over several decades."

The paints range from $35 to $130 per can, and of course, you'll need to buy this $150 fan deck to help you determine if you want your bathroom in a Kandinsky hue, or more of a van Gogh vibe.