(Photo by Jorge Quinteros)

Not so long ago, major music festivals struggled to succeed in the NYC area, with many attempts lasting just one or two years. But with the success of Governors Ball, it looks like NYC is becoming attractive to festival organizers once again. According to the Daily News, "Coachella could be coming to Queens."

That's not exactly true—Coachella organizers AEG are eyeing Flushing Meadows Corona Park for a new festival, called (tentatively) Panorma. If deals with the city go through, the inaugural event could take place as early as next June. Two weeks after Governors Ball. And they're reportedly already booking headliners. RIP Governors Ball.

Tom Russell, of Governors Ball, told us today, "New York City is big enough for two music festivals but the proposed timing of this sets up an unnecessary rivalry. We're a small, local promoter up against a big corporate machine. We know how those fights typically work out."

On the other hand, the AEG's Panorama festival could bring more attention to a park that has been left to deteriorate over the years. This would be that area's biggest event since the '64/'65 Worlds Fair... and maybe AEG would spring to help rehabilitate some of the Fair's remains? We've reached out to them for clarification on their plans, and the exact location they're considering, and will update when we know more.

AEG's previous dip into the festival waters here was back in 2008, when they held All Points West in Liberty State Park, NJ. The fest ran for two years.