GothamistHouse.gifYesterday CMJ began to take over the city. Reports of long lines at the badge pickup station came in quickly, but if this week is about anything it's about long lines. Oh, and music. If you're off for the day, come and knock on our door at Gothamist House. It's free, and here's a preview of what you'll hear:

• Cut Off Your Hands: You and I.mp3

• Peasant: Those Days.mp3

• Sparrow House: You Sang Along.mp3

• The Forms: watch Red Gun (live video, acoustic-ish)

Other artists on the bill: Aaron Behrens (who you may have seen on Conan O'Brien last night with his band), Charles Bissell (of the Wrens), O'Death, Reverend Billy and the Chuch of Stop Shopping. Don't forget to listen on WOXY if you can't make it over.

Of course, the House is just one of the many places you can see free music without a badge this week, so even the non-CMJ savvy will be able to stumble into a show or two. The Underrated Blog has four more days of show (info here), Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has a $5 show (info here), Brooklyn Vegan has a bunch of shows and an afterparty (info here), After the Jump has free and cheap shows (info here) -- and for even more shows, events and afterparties check out this entirely overwhelming list at Oh My Rockness.