bstems.jpgToday is officially the first day of CMJ! Starting this afternoon and going strong through the weekend, every music club in the city is going to be jam packed with hours upon hours of the hottest up and coming bands from all over the world. Seeing that we'd expect your regular Gothamist reader won't be equipped with a $500 badge, we decided to highlight some of the standout free events this week. While you will still be able to get into nearly all the night showcases by paying at the door, many of these bands will be playing for free anyway while they're in town.

Lets start with, well... The Gothamist House acoustic shows at The White Rabbit on East Houston and Eldridge!

The lineups are all ready to go. We are absolutely thrilled that all these fantastic bands are able to play, and we hope everyone stops by for a bit during their busy week to come hang out. Once again, there is no cover, list or badge required. Just walk in (21+). Our bros at the White Rabbit have extended their Happy Hour throughout the entire day, and there may still be some other surprises in store as well...

Pela (2:15), Devastations (3:00), Land of Talk (3:45), Tall Hands (4:30), Bound Stems (5:15), Snowden (6:00), Apples in Stereo (6:45)

Hayes Peebles (2:15), Epochs (3:00), Morgan from Diamond Nights(3:45), Vietnam (4:30), OFFICE (5:15), Wynn Walent (6:00), Benzos (6:45), Army of Me (7:30)

Prayers and Tears (2:15), Judah Johnson (3:00), Wooden Wand (3:45), The End of the World (4:30), Loney, Dear (5:15), Panda & Angel (6:00), Cities (6:45), Charles from The Wrens (7:30)

More parties thrown by our friends at Brooklyn Vegan, Finger on the Pulse and more after the jump...


First off, we'd be remiss if we didn't start by mentioning former Gothamist contributor Brooklyn Vegan's stunning series of parties this week, featuring such favorites as The Thermals, CSS, Silversun Pickups, Forward Russia and many many many more. Check out all the details for his Wednesday, Friday and Saturday day events by clicking on that flyer over there. Or here.

That rascally Brooklyn DJ duo Finger on the Pulse is teaming up once again with Awesome, Inc to throw what is bound to be one of the hottest parties of the week at Galapagos Wednesday night. They've got disco-funk breakouts Lo-Fi-Fnk's first ever US performance, as well as sets by Thunderbirds are now!, The Harlem Shakes, and More hot DJs than you can shake a booty at. (Did we just say that? Ahem.) Sure to be a great time. Peep the flyer here.

While out in Williamsburg, be sure to swing by Soundfix and check out their stellar lineup of free shows throughout the week. The Battering Room has gone and posted a list of all the sets. Some of our absolute favorites, such as Micah P. Hinson, David Bazan and Chin Up Chin Up will be there, and perhaps you should be too.

Finally, props to the Apple Store in Soho for getting in the mix this year. They have some great bands playing, the most notable being The freaking Decemberists for free on Friday at 1:00pm. Oh My Rockness has the rest of the scheduled acts here.

Now, we know there are a trillion other things going on, but we can't post em all right now. Productshop has a pretty inclusive listing you can check out here, but let us know what else we need to know about in the comments.