ldgh.jpgA gazillion thanks to everyone who came out to support all the excellent bands who played The Gothamist House at The White Rabbit this weekend! We had a total blast putting it all together and watching it all play out more perfectly than we could have ever imagined. Our highlights of the three days are too many to mention right here, but the number of bands saying things like "We've never done anything like this" or "We'll probably never play this song like this again" really put a stamp on how special the event turned out to be. A huge thanks is due to all 24 of the bands that performed, as well as to the staff of the White Rabbit, who put in a ton of work to make the whole thing go off as smooth as we could have ever hoped for. If you were able to make it out, please feel free to share some of your highlights from the three days in the comments.

Of course, there was far more to CMJ than just our little showcases. Tomorrow we'll have a full wrap up of everything we were able to squeeze in over the 5 day marathon.