Despite the fact that we've been under the weather for the past week, we refused to miss the first night of CMJ. After all, we had trecked all the way up to Lincoln Center earlier in the day to get our fancy silver laminated pass - we weren't going to let it go to waste. So we started the marathon off with the Dandy Warhols at CBGB's (luckily we bought a ticket - because our pass wasn't getting us in to this one.) It was sad being inside the venue, knowing that soon it wouldn't be around. Everyone took their time walking in and out, soaking up the details that would soon vanish.

Courtney Taylor was drinking at the bar with some friends as we stood towards the front of the stage waiting for his band to play. About 30 minutes later, they slowly (and one by one) took the stage and played a lot of our old favorites. Luckily there were only 2 or 3 new songs in the 1.5 hour set (we aren't a huge fan of the Dandies new stuff.) Taylor became more and more wasted as the night went on, at one point wearing a towel on his head while singing an a capella version of "We Used To Be Friends". The crowd happily sang along with him.

The band held up their glasses to cheers the venue, and as a bittersweet ending to the night Zia stood alone on stage singing a Velvet Underground song, something (she said) she "had to do" while she was standing inside this landmark that would soon be gone.

After the show it was time to sleep, sadly this would mean missing the Two Gallants show at Cake Shop that took place sometime between 1 and 4am this morning. We'll be sure to catch their set at Bowery tomorrow though, at the earlier hour of 7:40pm. While we were in dreamland our cohort was still out and about until the wee hours of morning - that report will come in later, so stay tuned.

Where were you last night?