We're about to dive head first into the CMJ music marathon. Honestly, there are ALWAYS a lot of shows to go to in this city. This week, however, there are more shows with open bars and more bands that aren't from Brooklyn.

Ultimately we'd like to see some old favorites along with some hidden gems we've never heard before. If you have any suggestions to point us in the right direction, by all means leave a comment. Otherwise, stay tuned for a day by day recap of where we end up and which bands leave us going "yay", "nay" and "eh".

2005_09_artsbv.gifTonight we're going to start it off right by going to Gothamist contributer Brooklyn Vegan's pre-CMJ show at Tonic. The lineup is great, and goes like this...

Dave Deporis (8:30pm)
Aziz Ansari
Aziz Ansari (again!)
Cloud Cult

The proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief efforts.

See you out there...