On Saturday a bunch bike-riding of clowns took to the streets to "liberate" bike lanes from the tyranny of parked and idling automobiles. Affiliated with advocacy group Times-Up!, the festive ride represented a mounting frustration on the part of cyclists who say the NYPD has not been doing enough to keep cars out of bike lanes. During the ride, some two dozen clowns simulated crashing into the backs of vehicles parked in bike lanes, and pleaded with drivers to move out of the way.

Near the intersection of East Houston and Chrystie, there was a tense moment when an NYPD patrol car pulled up alongside the group as they issued one bike lane blocker a fake traffic ticket. For years now, police have been clashing with cyclists who participate in the monthly Critical Mass group rides, and a confrontation seemed imminent on Saturday. But to the clowns' delight, the officer had actually come to order the idling driver to vacate the bike lane! Victory was savored, if only for a moment. Below, a fun video of the event, which culminated in a pie fight in Astor Place.